Lily Gladstone says it's "irrelevant" whether she won Oscar

lily gladstone, oscars 2024 red carpet
Lily Gladstone says Oscar win is "irrelevant"Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Lily Gladstone reflected on losing the Oscar to Emma Stone, saying no one in the Blackfeet Nation was "upset" over the loss.

Earlier in the year, Gladstone was nominated for Best Actress in a Lead Role for Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon, but Stone won for Poor Things.

Speaking about going back home to the Blackfeet Nation, Gladstone shared she had a "beautiful trip home" made even more special when "the whole confederacy came together for a Lily Gladstone Day."

lily gladstone, oscars 2024 red carpet
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

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"It was the biggest honour anybody could get," she told Empire.

"The confederacy decided together that they wanted to do it. It was a beautiful homecoming," she continued.

"Two thousand people showed up, from every corner of the US. It was absolutely one of the most moving things that has ever happened in my life."

Gladstone was among the favourites to win the gold statuette back in March, and it seems that Blackfeet Nation leaders also assumed she would go back home with the award.

"The organisers of the event called me beforehand, and they said that they'd got a bunch of little cardboard cut-outs of gold-man statues that looked like an Oscar, to give to the kids. They asked if that was okay, or if it was gonna hurt my feelings. I said: 'No, absolutely not,'" Gladstone said.

"That's just the whole thing of award campaigns and the competitive nature of pitting art against art. Clearly this film, in this moment, had meaning. It did its job."

lily gladstone wearing a white dress and black coat at the golden globes
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The star, who won a Golden Globe for her role in Killers of the Flower Moon, went on to say: "Yeah, nobody was upset that it didn't happen."

"I feel like when the Golden Globe happened, a lot of people who are very far away from the industry just kind of thought it was the Oscars," she continued.

"It's about the fact that [the film has] been awarded, and it's historic, and it's still just a really meaningful moment. So it's irrelevant whether or not I walked home with that statue in hand."

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