'Like a raging bull': Grandfather brain damaged after one-punch pub attack

A man who punched a Victorian grandfather in the head, leaving him brain damaged, is expected to be sent to jail. 

Leonard Betrayhani, 39, hit Steve Morrow in the head outside the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse at Apollo Bay on August 6, 2016, the County Court was told on Tuesday. 

“Your client’s behaviour on the night of this tragic episode which resulted in Mr Morrow being brain damaged was truly appalling,” Judge Frances Hogan told Betrayhani’s lawyer. 

“He was knocked out almost before he hit the ground.” 

Betrayhani had earlier pushed a man into other patrons, prompting Mr Morrow to suggest he leave.

Leonard Betrayhani hit Steve Morrow in the head outside the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse, pictured, on August 6, 2016. Source: File/Google Maps

He was involved in another scuffle out the front of the hotel which Mr Morrow saw as a bystander, prosecutor Andy Moore said. 

Betrayhani then “made a beeline for Mr Morrow”, Judge Hogan said. 

“He seemed to have it in for Mr Morrow because he seemed to be the one who said ‘let’s take it outside’,” she said.

“The victim was not attacking (Betrayhani) or egging anyone on.”

The County Court of Victoria (pictured) heard that police had to use capsicum spray to subdue Leonard Betrayhani. Source: File/Google Maps

Bystanders turned on Betrayhani who suffered serious face injuries before his then-girlfriend pulled him inside their accommodation, the court was told.

“He was like a raging bull trying to get back … trying to attack those people,” Judge Hogan said.

Police used capsicum spray to subdue Betrayhani. 

A jury previously found him guilty of recklessly causing serious injury in relation to the attack on Mr Morrow.

The landscape gardener has prior convictions for recklessly causing injury, making threats to kill, failing to answer bail and carrying an unlicensed firearm. 

Betrayhani is expected to serve up to 12 months in prison in combination with a community corrections order. 

He is due to be sentenced on November 15.