SPOILER: The Bachelor's final five have been leaked

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WARNING: This story contains spoilers.

Bachelor Matt currently has 13 ladies left in the mansion. Photo: Instagram/Channel Ten

You’ve been warned but we will say it again - if you do not want to know who ends up in the final race for Bachelor Matt Agnew’s heart then stop reading right now.

The final five ladies have apparently been revealed after photos from the Bachelor set were leaked by a paparazzo and published online by the Daily Mail.

Images taken in Sydney on Friday, May 3, show Abbie Chatfield, Helena Sauzier, Emma Roche, Chelsie McLeod, and Elly Miles meeting Matt out the front of the Bachelor mansion.

Bachelor Matt Agnew pictured with the final five contestants Abbie Chatfield, Helena Sauzier, Emma Roche, Chelsie Roche and Elly Miles at the Bachelor Mansion and ahead of home visits. Photo: Matrix
Abbie Chatfield, Chelsie McLeod, and Helena Sauzier. Photo: Channel Ten
Emma Roche and Elly Miles are also still left standing near the end. Photo: Channel Ten

Chelsea the favourite to win The Bachelor Australia

Melbourne chemical engineer, 28-year-old Chelsie McLeod, made quite the impression on Matt when she gave him a temporary tattoo of oxytocin when she first met him.

And she has been a strong favourite to win his heart at the end ever since. Betting odds via Sportsbet as of Friday also had Chelsie as a firm favourite at $1.30.

After her single date with Matt on last night’s episode, Bachelor fans were certain they had spotted a winner.

During her one-on-one date with Matt Agnew, the 28-year-old chemical engineer shared a very intimate pool kiss with our bachie after getting very floury during a baking session.

Some compared it to the infamous chocolate bath Richie Strahan shared with his season’s winner Alex Nation, while others just called it as they saw it.

Matt and Chelsea had a messy single date. Photo: Channel Ten

Fans speculate online

Fans had also thought they had spotted the final three online after photos were shared on Instagram of Abbie, Elly, and Kristen together at the Bachelor mansion.

“The last three perhaps,” one fan commented.

“Final 3,” anther agreed.

“I want Elly to win,” was another response.

Looks like perhaps two out of the three were correct after all.

Who is left on The Bachelor Australia 2019?

Currently there are 13 women left on The Bachelor Australia, after both Monique Morley and Vakoo Kauapirura were sent home on Thursday night’s episode.

Matt had had enough of the drama following Abbie’s admission that Monique had called him a ‘dog c***’ and ‘disrespectful pig’, and decided to send her home before the rose ceremony.

Pulling Monique aside at the cocktail party, Matt gave her one more chance to come clean and confess she’d used those words to describe him.

Without a chance to say goodbye to the other contestants, Monique was chauffeured away from the mansion while Osher informed her co-stars of the shock exit.

However, the rose ceremony still had to go on, which meant Monique, and unlucky Vakoo, bid farewell to the chance of their happily ever after with Matt.

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