Woolworths cleaning hack transforms tiles using surprise $11 item: 'Lifesaving'

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Woolworths logo
A woman has revealed her epic cleaning hack using an $11 Woolworths item. Photo: Getty Images

An Aussie Facebook user has shared the surprising product she used to transform tiles in her home, with some calling it "lifesaving".

Taking to the a Facebook group, the user shared that she used $11 Omo Active Laundry Detergent Washing Powder, which is available at Coles, Woolworths and Big W.

Grout cleaning hack
A cleaning hack described as 'lifesaving' by Facebook users after a woman shared photos of how she cleaned her tiles. Photo: Facebook

She shared that she used the laundry detergent after a professional cleaner failed to remove the dirt.

The woman explained that she mixed two scoops of the detergent with hot water in a bucket and scrubbed the tiles with the Sabco Big Scrub Brush from Woolworths.

"It came off really easily. I was so surprised," she said, adding in another comment that she mopped the floors afterwards to get rid of any excess.

Omo Active Clean Laundry Detergent Washing Powder
She used $11 Omo Active Clean Laundry Detergent Washing Powder, available from Woolworths. Photo: Woolworths


"I just grabbed a box at Coles because it was on special," she shared in a comment with the group, adding, "I did try Radiant but it was too foamy and l don’t think it worked as well."

Facebook users were stunned by the transformation with one user writing, "I am going to try this tomorrow. This is [a] lifesaving hack."

"I'm definitely doing this to my floors!!! Thank you for sharing your handiwork, you did an excellent job!" another user commented.

"That's a wicked result!" someone else commented.

"It always worked for me too, any laundry powder with hot water," a fourth person wrote.

"STOP! This is amazing," another added.

"Double strength vinegar and a Magic Eraser is also [a] gamechanger," one person shared, while another agreed, saying she uses it for her shower screen.

It comes after a TikTok cleaning hack recently went viral with some left a little confused by the whole thing.

NowItsClean is a cleanfluencer TikTok account that shares hacks and tips with 1.7 million followers, but their recent video about dry mopping has a few people questioning the technique.

"I found this method was easier than vacuuming because the broom was so light and I was so happy that it attracted all that hair," said Lori, the Canadian behind the account.

Dry mopping
Dry mopping is quickly becoming a favourite way to clean. Photo: tiktok/@nowitsclean

However many of her fans just pointed out they thought what she was doing was pretty much sweeping.

"I'm not being intentionally obtuse here," one fan commented, "but how is this different from using a push broom? Is the cloth sticky?"

"What's the difference between dry mopping and sweeping?" another added.

Though many followers pointed out that even when you use dry mopping with sweeping or vacuuming, you are still collecting more dust and dirt off the floor.

"Yes, I actually learned this from my husband. Thought it was so weird at first but love it," one said.

"It's my favourite way to sweep!" another commented. "Sometimes I'll sweep with my regular broom then go back and dry mop and I'm always amazed at how much more dirt is left."

"I was able to pick up dirt, hair and dust in a snap. I think this is a great solution for anyone who has pets, dusty homes, shedding hair, or doesn’t have a vacuum, etc," Lori said on Instagram.

"I was able to pick up dirt, hair and dust in a snap. I think this is a great solution for anyone who has pets, dusty homes, shedding hair, or doesn’t have a vacuum, etc."

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