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Library's unique solution to 'unfortunate' problem goes viral

A library in Brisbane has raised a few eyebrows with a unique tactic to stop people pinching items from desks.

A Reddit user at the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane left their MacBook unattended and when they returned found a note on the keyboard from the library.

“If we had time to leave this card, a thief had time to remove your belongings,” the note reads.

“Keep bags and personal effects with you at all times.”

A note from State Library of Queensland warns people not to leave belongings unattended.
Someone who left their laptop unattended was left this note at the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane. Source: Reddit/ DealingWithDisorder

People on Reddit were divided over the use of the note with the recipient of it saying “it had been noted for sure”.

“Librarians being bros,” one user wrote.

Another echoed the sentiment.

“I’d appreciate this a lot,” they wrote.

“Because seeing this instead of not your laptop, would be a wake up call for me. Thievery happens everywhere, even unfortunately, in libraries.”

Librarian advises against leaving property unattended

Another person, claiming to be a librarian for more than 20 years, wrote a library “would be the last place” they would leave items unattended.

They didn’t elaborate any further.

A lot of other people wrote they regularly leave items unattended at the library.

“Used to do this in college in the computer lounge,” one user wrote.

“Always sat near the same group, ended up pretty much befriending them and they’d watch my stuff while I got food.”

Another added they left items unattended and had them stolen.

“I've been there. Was at a computer in the library, the bathroom was literally right next to me so I went in and out real quick,” one user wrote.

“Book bag was gone. No laptop or anything in there, but a ton of really expensive books. I ran as fast as I could to the two bookstores on campus in case they tried to sell them. Luckily they hadn't. Then I got a phone call from someone who found my stuff in a bush somewhere. I think the thief discovered only books inside then ditched it.”

Another added they only leave a “worthless notebook” at the desk.

“Anything over $50 goes in my pocket or I carry it,” they wrote.

State Library of Queensland has been contacted for comment.

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