Liberals to decide future of NSW party

Paul Osborne, AAP Senior Political Writer


* About 1500 NSW Liberal members will gather in Sydney for a special convention on July 22-23.

* The Liberal Party claims 80,000 members nationally in 2000 branches, with about 11,000 in NSW.

* The bulk of grassroots members are conservative, while factional power within the organisation lies with moderates and the "soft" right.

* Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, federal President Nick Greiner and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will address the convention.

* Mr Turnbull says the party needs to grow its membership and in order to do so members need a greater say on candidates, policies and filling party positions.

* Members say they want to be heard, respected and engaged on candidates and policy.

* Tony Abbott says major change is needed to end power of factions and lobbyists, with a "one member one vote" plebiscite system for selecting candidates; you would have to be a party member for at least two years to vote in a plebiscite, rather than six months; sitting members would not be exempt from challenge under new rules.

* An alternative set of motions calls for sitting MPs to be exempt from plebiscites; candidates need to meet an "eligibility test" (run by a new candidate assessment board) and members must meet an "activity test" in order to vote; new members would not be able to vote in plebiscites for up to four years; 25 per cent of preselection delegates would be state executive and state council delegates.

* Final result is expected to be a compromise.