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Liberals set female target for next SA poll

The South Australian Liberals will target 50 per cent female representation among its candidates at the next state election in 2026 but have rejected the idea of a firm quota system.

The goal follows a review conducted by a task force set up after the Liberals lost last year's election with a view to attract more women into politics.

In the current parliament, the party has just two women among its 16 members in the House of Assembly.

In the Legislative Council, there are five women among the Liberals' seven members.

Opposition Leader David Speirs said change was coming to the Liberal Party.

"There was overwhelming support from stakeholders to not adopt a quota system because such a policy is viewed as a quick fix and Band-Aid solution for an issue that requires more comprehensive change," he said.

"Our strategy will revitalise the Liberal Party by supporting more women to enter politics and help make it more reflective of community expectations."

In other recommendations, the task force urged Mr Speirs to investigate a range of incentives to help attract female candidates and to introduce a targeted membership drive for women.

It also set a target of 50 per cent female representation among Liberal MPs within three parliamentary terms.

Taskforce chairwoman Nicola Centofanti said the process was long and thorough because "this is a strategy we couldn't afford to get wrong".

"The task force stands by its recommendations and believes the initiatives can have a huge positive impact on the Liberal Party going forward," she said.

"We want more women to join politics and this three-year plan is how we will achieve that."