Liberal whistleblowers site sparks brawl

Greg Roberts

A WA Liberal Party website that calls on people to dob in dodgy public servants including Labor ministers and MPs has sparked a brawl, with the site referred to the state solicitor's office to see if it is illegal., which first appeared on Tuesday, calls on people to make submissions about public servants they see engaging in misconduct including corruption, wasting taxpayer money and gross mismanagement.

The submissions are "100 per cent" confidential and go to the office of Opposition Leader Mike Nahan.

However WA's criminal code and public interest disclosure act requires people to report such activity to the police and Corruption and Crime Commission and provides legal protection to whistleblowers.

"This is unwise and dangerous advice for any member of the public service and it's potentially illegal advice," WA acting premier Roger Cook said.

"They can't offer 100 per cent confidentiality, if you are disclosing information with regards to the conduct of another public servant to a third party not a relevant authority, well, then you're endangering yourself and the information you give over; that activity may in fact be illegal."

The website does not explicitly tell people not to contact the police or CCC but does encourage them to submit information about others and provide their own personal details.

The state solicitor's office had been asked to investigate if it was illegal, Mr Cook said.

The website has also sparked concerns about how vulnerable it is to being hacked, given the highly sensitive information being sought.

Dr Nahan has been sought for comment.