Liberal MP still under challenge: reports

Malcolm Turnbull stepped in to save Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis from a preselection challenge but parliament has been told the challenge is running anyway.

The prime minister intervened last week to stop Ms Sudmalis facing a challenge from real estate agent Grant Schultz, as the Liberal party faced accusations it was losing women.

But Labor MP Milton Dick told parliament the internal battle was back on.

"It's bad enough for the member for Gilmore, who's now confirmed under challenge from a Mr Schultz in her own electorate," Mr Dick said on Wednesday.

His comments follow an article in Sydney's Daily Telegraph quoting two unnamed Liberal sources.

Mr Schultz said he could not comment when contacted by AAP.

It is understood the Liberal party is vetting written applications before formalising a list of nominees for preselection in its NSW seats.

Parliament also heard Small Business Minister Craig Laundy missed the deadline to lodge his nomination form and the party had to extend and reopen nominations.

"We're now seeing ministers failing to do the most basic of paperwork for them to sit in this parliament," Mr Dick said.