Liberal minister shoots down Greens attack

Simone Ziaziaris
Liberal minister shoots down Greens attack

A federal Liberal minister has hit back at an "absolutely ridiculous" suggestion from the Greens that the coalition doesn't care about women.

Greens co-deputy leader Larissa Waters lashed out at the Turnbull government's budget on Wednesday, saying it put the lives of women at risk with "next to nothing" in funding for domestic violence services.

But Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson shot down Senator Waters, saying the coalition was incredibly proud of its record investment in combating family violence.

"They are absolutely ridiculous. There is no basis for those comments," Ms Henderson told reporters on Thursday.

"Larissa Waters needs to have a good look at herself, frankly. It is really regrettable in a space where there has been so much bipartisanship that she make those comments."

In Tuesday's budget, Attorney General George Brandis announced a review of the family law system to ensure it can adequately deal with domestic violence and child abuse cases.

The government will spend $12.7 million on new parental management hearings, and $3.4 million over two years to expand a trial of domestic violence units in legal centres.

But Senator Waters, who made history earlier in the week for breastfeeding her daughter Alia Joy in the Senate, accused the coalition of being all talk.

"They wear ribbons, give speeches and raise awareness but chronically underfund life-saving services," she said.

"Perhaps if there was a cashed up women's lobby that made millions in donations with access to politicians the story would be different."