Liberal candidate mocks 'inbred Arab brain' in public Facebook posts

Melissa Hills

A candidate in the NSW Liberal Party state executive elections has withdrawn from the race after getting caught out posting controversial opinions on Facebook mocking what he describes as the 'inbred Arab brain'.

Alan Sexton, who works as a consultant anesthetist to Westmead Hospital, made the comments on his public wall and also appeared to agree that the world would better off if Saddam Hussain and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi were still in power.

The comments were made in response to an article about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in which he was quoted as saying 'people are getting their heads chopped off. They're being drowned. Right now it's far worse than ever under Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi'.

The comments were made on a public Facebook page. Photo: Facebook

In reply to the article Mr Sexton posted publicly: "The inbred Arab brain seeks domination and wants to be bullied.

"Strong men are adored, respected BUT never loved. Ie, current deputy mayor of Auburn. These guys in power were far more harmless than being gone."

When asked for comment by Fairfax media on the posts Mr Sexton reportedly replied: "Oh dear, you have caught me out big time, haven't you?"

He told Fairfax he would he withdrawing from the election 'for the good of the party' and that he did not stand by the comments made on the social networking site.

Fairfax reports Mr Sexton was in the running for election as a federal council delegate and for a position on the influential constitutional standing committee.

News break – October 30