Level Up Your Daily Smoothie With A Handful Of Milk Ice Cubes

Frozen milk cubes
Frozen milk cubes - Qwart/Getty Images

Who doesn't love a refreshing fruit smoothie? From tropical blends to chocolate-infused varieties, smoothies can be a nutritious and versatile way to curb hunger pangs without getting too full. If you're like us and keep smoothies in your daily meal rotation, we have a great smoothie hack for you -- use frozen milk cubes.

Frozen milk cubes can help you control the thickness and consistency of your smoothie. If you want a thicker, creamier smoothie, using frozen milk instead of liquid milk, water, or juice can achieve that without diluting the mixture with excess liquid. If you're assembling your favorite smoothie using frozen fruit, milk cubes will more closely match the temperature of the fruit, giving each sip a chilly, refreshing zing.

Including frozen milk cubes in your smoothie also ups the convenience factor. You can measure out and freeze exactly how much milk your smoothie needs per serving, so you'll never have to worry about over- or under-pouring -- simply pop the correct number of milk cubes into your blender and give your smoothie a spin. Another bonus: Adding milk to your smoothies can up the protein, vitamin, and mineral contents.

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Using Dairy-Free Milk

Three different smoothies in glasses
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Vegetarians and lactose-sensitive foodies, rejoice! This milky smoothie hack doesn't exclude you. Freezing dairy milk cubes for your smoothies can be an excellent option, but not the only one -- dairy-free milk alternatives can work great, too.

One of the most appealing reasons for freezing smoothie-ready, dairy-free milk is that they all have unique flavors and can be employed for different recipes that call for nuanced flavor profiles. Almond milk has a nutty taste, soy milk has a mild bean-like flavor, oat milk is naturally sweet and simple, and coconut milk presents a creamy, tropical essence. So pick and choose the type of milk according to the spirit of your smoothie.

Although you can freeze dairy-free milk the same way you would regular milk, some alternative milk options can develop a funky consistency when frozen. However, this issue arises primarily after the milk has been thawed out, so as long as you're blending and drinking your smoothie before the cubes have melted, it should be in good shape.

Storing And Shelf Life

Hand putting banana slices into blender
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Dairy milk lasts in the refrigerator for up to seven days. After that, it typically begins to spoil. And if you've ever consumed rotten milk, we don't have to tell you just how gnarly it is. The good news is that there's no need to rush to use your frozen milk cubes. Freezing milk increases its useable life substantially, up to six months. Dairy-free milk alternatives can last in the refrigerator for five to 10 days, but freezing them squeezes even more life out of them and they're safe for consumption for up to three months.

It's important to recognize signs of spoilage. Just because you've frozen it, doesn't mean it will last forever -- your favorite milk isn't Captain America. If you notice foul changes in color, smell, or texture, toss it out. However, you can limit unnecessary waste by measuring out just how many milk cubes you need to boost your smoothie recipe.

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