Let’s discuss the angel number 1717

Let’s discuss the angel number 1717

Wondering if 1717 has any real meaning behind it? It’s odd enough that you can’t stop coming across it. Maybe your phone is set to the 24 hour clock, and you happen to catch 17:17 every day without trying. It’s become a recurring theme, and you’re ready to have a meltdown struggling to decipher what this could mean. What you’re experiencing is definitely considered to be a sign from the universe. Ready to unlock this secret number?

Your intuition is nudging you in the right direction. The angel number 1717 is more than just a random sequence. It’s a message waiting to be revealed to those who are eager to connect deeper with their spirituality. It’s time to trust in the bigger picture. This is what angel number 1717 is hinting at…

What’s an angel number?

First, let’s cover the angel number basics. Could an angelic presence actually be communicating to you through numbers? On top of that, via odd numbers rather than even numbers? There's a stigma that odd numbers are unlucky or bad. However, fear not, *insert angelic voice* these numbers are not evil and won’t open any demonic portals. Angel numbers come in a variety of forms, and yup, you’re being contacted by the supernatural in the process. These number codes can help you tap into higher knowledge sent from positive spirits, however you see it — such as angels, ancestors, or spirit guides.

What does angel number 1717 mean?

Now it’s time for the numerology tea. Why has 1717 been following you like a phantom spirit? This angel number is full of good karma. It’s hinting at an incoming change that is about to enter your life. This change will present you with two choices: Move with courage or move with fear. Remain comfortable or face your fears.

The 7s in this repeating number indicate you have strong support from your spiritual team. Your ancestors have your back and will make sure they support your dreams when you’re ready. And, the time is now. You can make fast progress towards your goals right now, as long as they're in line with your values.

What does angel number 1717 mean for love?

This is a time where you’ll notice that releasing expectations in love will go a long way. Angel number 1717 encourages you to be aware of any tendencies towards placing perfectionism above happiness. You don’t have to be perfect to be loved. This number is reminding you to allow others the grace to be imperfect, and to fully accept your loved ones for who they are.

When it comes to romance, 1717 reveals that nothing is perfect. No relationship is perfect, because imperfections are what makes you and others authentic and unique. Be your true self and let down your guard around your loved ones. This angel number is a sign that you must confront fears about love that are holding you back from loving yourself and others unconditionally.

What should I do if I keep seeing angel number 1717?

Now that you and angel number 1717 are besties, what’s next? Expect to continue seeing this number around, since you’ve acknowledged its energy. When you come across it again, be sure to pause and take a moment to be present with the number. You can close your eyes in gratitude or say an affirmation to amplify the 1717 numerology energy. You can make a wish for the love you want to receive and the self-love you want to activate. It’s a nice reminder to catch yourself throughout your day when you might be placing impossible imperfections onto yourself and towards others. Just reassess and align. And so it is!

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