Leo Daily Horoscope – August 2 2020

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It’s a Full Moon week so hang on to your hormones. If you’re feeling tense, now you know why!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) brings the Full Moon, in the sign of Aquarius. More about that in your weekly horoscopes (if it’s strongly affecting you). Overall, remember that Full Moons are turning points. They are a time to release and let go. If you made your wishes at New Moon (as I suggested!) then you should start to see how they are going. Do they have legs? Are they going to come true? Do you need to work a little harder on the manifesting of them?

The Full Moon is the time to surrender it all to the Divine. In other words, release attachment to them. This might sound like a hard thing to do, but it really makes magic. My most recent Full Moon story was the buying of our new home. It took 9 months! So every New Moon I made wishes about getting the right house for us and every Full Moon I accepted the time wasn’t right yet and now here we are in our new home, thankfully in plenty of the time for the pandemic lockdown since while we were waiting, my family of three was squeezed into a one-bedroom flat!

Here is the thing; 9 months might seem like a long time to manifest a house but without going into too many personal details, I can tell you that it was the very best day for two years for us financially, the day we finally signed on the dotted line.

So whatever you’re dreaming of, surrender it to the Divine this week! You free gift this week is designed to help you to do that.

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