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LeBron’s tired, Mazzulla’s staying & the Wizards might be tanking | No Cap Room

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The No Cap Room is back and this time, they’re explaining why a lot of other people are wrong. The perception of LeBron James is wrong, the rumors around Joe Mazzulla are wrong, and the talk about legacies in the NBA is obviously wrong. Listen to find out why!

The show kicks off with some discussion about the weather in NYC before the guys get right into basketball, talking about LeBron James flirting with retirement and how that got overblown by a lot of people in the media. Dan thinks there’s a much simpler explanation of what LeBron was saying and why he was saying it.

After talking about the offseason decisions facing the Los Angeles Lakers, the guys transition to talking about the Boston Celtics and whether there’s anything to the rumors of the team looking for a new head coach after Joe Mazzulla’s rookie season.

Former Los Angeles Clippers GM will be taking over as the man in charge of the Washington Wizards (as well as the WNBA Mystics and the G-League Go-Go) and has, reportedly, been given authority to tear down this roster and start over. Will that lead to a Bradley Beal trade this offseason? Maybe, but it’s a big contract to try and get rid of.

Jake breaks some news, telling listeners who the two finalists are to take over as the head coach of the Detroit Pistons and offering some insight into which guy is favored by the GM and which one is favored by the rest of the front office. After the Wizards hire a GM, expect the Pistons and Bucks to move quickly to fill their open head coaching positions.

Finally, we get to some Hot Jakes. This week, we’re focused on basketball. Jake is aggravated by the people who seem sad about a potential Nuggets/Heat Finals and is also wondering if we can learn a thing or two about discussing legacy after seeing how Carmelo Anthony was regarded after his retirement.

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