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LeBron James celebrates after Robert Sarver announces plan to sell Suns, Mercury

LeBron James is among those celebrating the news that Robert Sarver is moving to sell the Phoenix Suns and Mercury.

James quickly took to Twitter on Tuesday after Sarver announced that he plans to sell both of his franchises following the NBA’s investigation into him and his fine and suspension from the league.

James was one of several NBA players who called for Sarver to sell his teams after the NBA’s investigation into him — which found that Sarver used the N-word repeatedly, made inappropriate sexual and vulgar jokes, demeaned female employees and more. The NBA fined him $10 million and suspended him for one year.

James spoke out after that punishment was handed down, and didn’t think it went far enough.

“I gotta be honest…Our league definitely got this wrong,” he said. “I don’t need to explain why. Y’all read the stories and decide for yourself. I said it before and I’m gonna say it again, there is no place in this league for that kind of behavior. I love this league and I deeply respect our leadership. But this isn’t right. There is no place for misogyny, sexism, and racism in any work place. Don’t matter if you own the team or play for the team. We hold our league up as an example of our values and this ain't it.”

Suns star Chris Paul, NBPA executive director Tamika Tremaglio, Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green and even Suns minority owner Jahm Najafi called for the same thing.

Rev. Al Sharpton, who has been very outspoken about Sarver’s scandal since the beginning, praised the news on Tuesday, too.

“The racist old boys’ club in professional sports is officially closed,” he said in a statement, in part, via Sports Illustrated’s Howard Beck. “A new era is upon us where it is intolerable to view Black players like property. Sarver’s decision today is the first step in the long road toward justice for the Suns and Mercury — the staff, the players and the fans.

“It is now imperative that the NBA, both teams, the corporate sponsors and the new owner, whomever they may be, follow through on the commitment to root out racism, misogyny and hate. The NBA’s actions over the last week also make it apparent that the league must also do some soul searching.”

LeBron James and Chris Paul
LeBron James is among those celebrating the news that Robert Sarver is going to sell the Suns and Mercury. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today)