At Least 16 Homeless People Have Died After Contracting Covid-19 In England

Jasmin Gray
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At least 16 homeless people have died in England after contracting Covid-19, new figures have revealed.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), six of the people who died were in London, while three deaths were recorded in the north-west of England.

No deaths of homeless people in Wales were identified, statisticians said.

Most of the homeless people who died in England were men, the ONS said.

The mean age of homeless men who died after getting coronavirus was 58 – much lower than the average age at death involving Covid-19 for men in the general population, at 79.

The study did not clarify how many homeless women died after contracting Covid-19.

The figures reported by the ONS were based on deaths registered up to June 26.

Experts searched Covid-19 death registration data for indications that a person was homeless when they died, including a reported residence or place of death such as a known homeless shelter or “no fixed abode”.

They included hotels known to be accommodating homeless people as part of the government’s drive to get thousands of rough sleepers into safe accommodation during the pandemic.

But private rentals and student accommodation were not included.

In addition, not all local authorities in England were able to provide details of temporary accommodation within the requested timescale, so not every address used to house homeless people will have been identified.

Due to these factors, it is “unlikely that every death will be identified”, the ONS said.

According to statisticians, the numbers of coronavirus deaths identified was similar to the...

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