At least 11 killed after pickup truck collides with bus in northern Philippines

Philippines police have launched an investigation into the accident  (Getty)
Philippines police have launched an investigation into the accident (Getty)

At least 11 people were killed after a pickup truck collided with a bus in northern Philippines on Thursday morning, police said. Six passengers were injured.

The small Toyota Hilux truck hit the side of the bus, lost control and crashed into a roadside food stall in the town of Abulug, police chief Major Antonio Palattao said. The town lies is 600km north of the capital Manila.

Both the drivers and food stall owner were injured.

The accident took place shortly after midnight and police said that the pickup driver’s unfamiliarity with the terrain was the likely reason.

"The driver of the Toyota Hilux is not well-oriented with the area and was not aware that they were already approaching a highway," police captain Jun-jun Torio told AFP. "Naturally, you slow down when approaching one."

Passengers of the pickup truck were members of the same family.

Mr Palattao said police were investigating to determine who was responsible for the accident.

The Philippines has seen several fatal road accidents recently due to weak enforcement of traffic laws, dilapidated vehicles and dangerous road conditions, including inadequate safety signs and barriers on mountainous roads and in remote provinces.

At least 17 people were killed in March when their passenger van was hit by a cargo truck and burst into flames in the southern Philippines.

The 10-wheel truck, carrying sand and gravel, was negotiating a downhill road when its brakes malfunctioned, causing it to slam into the van, police said.