Lawmaker chokes up over Capitol attack

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Representative Jamie Raskin, the lead House impeachment manager, has grown emotional as he concluded the Democrats' first round of arguments in former president Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.

Raskin spoke about his personal experience in the Capitol on January 6. He had been joined by family members that day - the day after he had buried his son, who took his own life in December.

His daughter and son-in-law were in an office in the Capitol and hid under a desk, where they sent what they thought were their final texts. "They thought they were going to die," he said on Tuesday.

Separated from them in the House chamber, Raskin described people around him calling to say goodbye to their families, members removing their congressional pins to try to evade detection.

And he said he heard the rioters "pounding on the door like a battering ram" - a sound he said he would "never forget".

He choked up as he recounted his daughter telling him she never wanted to return to the Capitol again.

Through tears, Raskin said, "This cannot be the future of America."