Law firm's 'ridiculous' attempt to photoshop new recruits

A New Zealand law firm made the decision doctor a photo of its employees so they wouldn’t be seen drinking alcohol.

Simpson Grierson shared an image of several of its staff to Instagram on Monday, celebrating after recently passing the bar, reported.

But eagle-eyed viewers spotted something peculiar about the image, with three female employees’ hands appearing to hold thin air.

Wine glasses were photoshopped out of the hands of three employees. Source: Instagram/ Simpson Grierson via Newsroom

The law firm has since confirmed the image was edited to make sure the staff members’ achievements was the centre of the attention.

“We’re proud of their achievements and shared the photo externally, taking the champagne glasses out so the focus would be on our graduates’ awesome milestone and not about them having a drink at a work function,” a spokesman told the publication.

“By doing so we seem to have created the opposite effect, which was certainly not what we intended.”

Yahoo News has contacted Simpson Grierson for comment on the decision to doctor the image.

Discussion was held by some employees of the firm, who agreed leaving the drinks in the image could bring about negative connotations of the event.

The removal of the drinks was not discussed with the graduates in the image, but following subsequent discussion with them, the firm decided to pull the image from social media and apologised for the incident.