Lava reaches second Cape Verde town

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Lava reaches second Cape Verde town

Dozens of homes, two churches and a school have been destroyed by a volcanic eruption on Cape Verde.

Lava from an erupting volcano on the African island nation of Cape Verde has reached a second town.

One guesthouse and multiple apartment buildings in the town of Bangaeira were damaged as a result of the eruption by Pico de Fogo.

Neighbouring Portela had two churches destroyed, on top of previous heavy damage to dozens of homes, a hotel and a school.

Both communities were evacuated two weeks ago when the volcano went active.

No deaths have been reported so far, though multiple people have been treated for inhaling ash or poisonous gases.

The whole region has been sealed off due to security concerns.

The eruption, Pico de Fogo's first in 19 years, has also destroyed much agricultural land.

About 22,000 of the country's population of 500,000 live on the island of Fogo where the volcano is located.