Becky G says it was ‘empowering’ to start taking care of her body: ‘I learned that it’s ok to work on myself’

Becky G has been in the spotlight for a decade, but like so many women in the industry, the Mexican-American star recalls facing pressure beyond her talent as people concerned themselves with her appearance as she was growing up in the public eye.

"In Latin culture, you know, a lot of the women are very giving — you have to give to everyone else before we give to ourselves," she explains. "And through therapy I learned that it’s OK to work on myself, to do things that only I can benefit from, which is a healthy body."

"It’s learning to love ourselves and accept ourselves for that uniqueness. That never goes out of style," she says. "Unlearning the things that no longer serve us, which is comparing ourselves to what the society standard is today because unfortunately the truth is that it’s gonna keep changing. And the why was so much bigger than just my physical body. It was what there was to gain emotionally and mentally."

Gomez has used her platform to speak about about body image, movement and mental health, and is hosting Movement Live by Michelob ULTRA to spread her positive messaging even further.

"It comes back to community," she explains of her willingness to speak publicly on such topics. "Knowing that you’re not the only one because you can get really into your head and be in this place of isolation where you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I’m the only one going through this.’ And in reality, there’s so many other people out there."

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