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Latest trick for Circus Oz: return to comedy festival

The latest acrobatic maneuver for Circus Oz is a return to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival stage.

After months of worry about the circus' corporate structure, governance and funding, the organisation has emerged with a refreshed board and new general manager.

Circus Oz announced on Friday it will stage its first show at the comedy festival in 30 years, with a two-week run at The Forum and a simple title - Circus Oz.

It promises clowning, acrobatics, flying trapeze and daredevil tricks - all the things the much-loved circus is known for - with performers young, and older than expected.

The show is in rehearsal under the direction of Nicci Wilks.

"It's a short, fast and furious show reflecting an eclectic mob celebrating the human body in all its ages, with all its awkwardness, all its strengths and what makes us laugh: trouble," she said.

Circus Oz by Circus Oz performs at The Forum Downstairs from April 7 to 23.