Latest snapshot of the coronavirus impact

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* South Australia has imposed some of Australia's swiftest and strictest measures during the global pandemic, sending the entire state in to a six-day lockdown.

* The lockdown will take effect from midnight on Wednesday, shutting down most businesses and services. People will be asked to stay at home and only leave to buy groceries or seek medical treatment.

* The so-called Parafield cluster in Adelaide's north grew to 23 confirmed cases on Wednesday, however, seven more people are thought likely to be infected but are waiting on tests.

* The outbreak was sparked by a woman who worked as a cleaner in the Peppers Hotel, one of Adelaide's quarantine facilities, who may have picked up the virus from a surface and then infected other family members. Genetic testing has linked her case back to a traveller who returned from the United Kingdom on November 2.

* The lockdown is a "pre-emptive and temporary" measure to keep people safe and stay ahead of coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.

* Other restrictions on pubs and restaurants, gyms, and limits on various gatherings announced on Monday will remain for at least two weeks.

* All hotel quarantine workers around Australia will now be tested for the virus weekly.

* Meanwhile, NSW has clocked 11 straight days with no new cases of locally acquired coronavirus, and Victoria 19.

* Following Melbourne's extended lockdown, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has flagged changes to Victoria's mask rules as early as Sunday.

* ACT has recorded a rare infection, with a diplomat in quarantine testing positive for the disease.

* In the Northern Territory, the main quarantine centre in Alice Springs was filled to capacity. Plans to transfer some people to Darwin were thwarted when a plane suffered a bird strike, forcing the flight to be cancelled.

* The NT has revised its hotspot declaration, with quarantine requirement for travellers now only applying to 20 local government areas in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.



* There were 17 new cases recorded in Australia - five in SA, six in NSW and six in WA. All cases recorded in NSW and WA were diagnosed in hotel quarantine.

* The national death toll is 907: Victoria 819, NSW 55, Tasmania 13, WA 9, Queensland 6, SA 4, ACT 3. (Two Queensland residents who died in NSW have been included in the official tolls of both states).



* Cases: at least 55,967,000

* Deaths: at least 1,343,000

* Recovered: at least 38,977,000

Data current as of 1900 AEDT November 18, taking in federal and state/territory government updates, Worldometer and Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre.