Latest response to coronavirus pandemic

Paul Osborne



* Isolation declaration card for Australians coming back from overseas will be strictly enforced

* By no later than 11.59pm on Saturday, states and territories will quarantine all arrivals in hotels and other accommodation for mandatory 14-day isolation before they return to their homes

* Defence force personnel will support state enforcement efforts in terms of people already in home isolation


* Australia has the highest coronavirus testing rate in the world

* Coronavirus economic measures of 10 per cent of GDP stack up against other G20 member nations


* An 80 per cent drop in the movement of Australians has "saved lives", Prime Minister Scott Morrison says


* Main aim is to keep Australians in work and the economy running

* "Hibernation" of Australian businesses will be allowed so they will not be saddled by rent and other costs during the next six months. Details to be announced in coming days

* Third tranche of economic support is being developed.