The Last Dinner Party point out discrepancy with ‘industry plant’ claims

The Last Dinner Party at the Brit Awards 2024 (AFP via Getty Images)
The Last Dinner Party at the Brit Awards 2024 (AFP via Getty Images)

Indie band The Last Dinner Party has pointed out discrepancies in claims that they were “industry plants”.

The British five-piece swiftly rose to prominence, going from relatively unknown at the beginning of last year to their debut single entering the top 20, their debut album, Preclude to Ecstasy, charting at number one, and scooping the Brit Award for Rising Star – all in 2024.

But the speed of their success story sparked rumours that they were “industry plants” – a nepo-baby band with industry connections behind the scenes – who were given a leg up, securing venue and festival gigs that artists just starting out wouldn’t normally expect to play.

Signed to major label Island Records and given glowing profiles when they had only released one single, The Last Dinner Party faced accusations that they had somehow taken an unfair shortcut to reach the top.

Now, they’ve spoken out against these claims, arguing that “there’s no definition” for what an industry plant is, and that the charge is typically levelled at “just young women who are successful.”

“The Beatles were industry plants,” bassist Georgia Davies told The Guardian. “If that’s your definition – ‘the industry helps you’ – then every single artist who’s been aligned with a record label is the same.”

The band also talked about their decision to stage an elaborate photoshoot to launch their Instagram account, roping in friends to set dress and styling themselves. The photos were then held up as “proof” that Island Records were responsible.

Comments included “Their first shoot clearly shows loads of money; they’re obviously industry plants,” said frontwoman Abigail Morris, who added: “But we did that all ourselves.”

After playing Glastonbury for the first time last summer on the Woodsies stage, this year they’re returning to the festival, upgrading to the Other Stage on Saturday afternoon (29 June).

They called last year’s performance “the best feeling ever”.