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If You Can Last 10 Hours In America's Most Extreme Haunted House, You'll Get $20,000

If You Can Last 10 Hours In America's Most Extreme Haunted House, You'll Get $20,000
  • Hulu just released a new documentary, Monster Inside: America's Most Extreme Haunted House.

  • The documentary is about McKamey Manor, which is still operational today.

  • You can take a tour of the haunted house yourself, after an extensive vetting process.

Hulu just released a new Huluween documentary, Monster Inside: America's Most Extreme Haunted House, and it is disturbing to say the least. What's even more disturbing is the fact that the documentary's focus, McKamey Manor, is still operational today. You may have heard about the house of horrors on the news or social media over the years, but we're going to dive into the full story of Russ McKamey and McKamey Manor.

The haunted attraction, founded by Russ McKamey in San Diego, CA, has been in operation for years, and still has a cult-following of loyal fans. McKamey refers to the experience as a tour, which is meant to last 10 hours, promising a $20,000 cash prize to anyone who can withstand the full experience. (Spoiler alert: No one has ever made it that far.) Each tour is tailored to the individual participating, playing upon their biggest fears and phobias. Past visitors of McKamey Manor have reported leaving with broken bones, shaved heads, extracted teeth, and, of course, psychological trauma. Visitors must sign an extensive (40-page long) liability waiver before participating in the experience, which essentially allows Manor "volunteers" to torture them however they see fit. This torture can include waterboarding, being tased, drugging, being forced to eat and drink items including vomit, restraints, and much more.

How to Visit McKamey Manor

If the details of these tours haven't put you off already, you can still visit the infamous McKamey Manor. In 2017, largely due to local complaints, Russ McKamey moved his attraction from San Diego to Summerville, TN. He also has a secondary tour location in Huntsville, AL, where he takes participants that survive long enough at the Tennessee location. There is no set fee for touring the haunt, though McKamey takes donations of dog food for his pets. Though possibly more appealing during spooky season, tours take place year-round whenever someone musters up the courage to take on the challenge.

To sign up, you must first join McKamey's closed Facebook group. The group is also where McKamey now shares all the live footage of people during their tours. To join the group, you must take a video of yourself explaining who you are are and send it to Russ along with a photo of your drivers license. You must also answer a series of questions including: what is your biggest fear?, what are your top 10 favorite horror movies?, are you just a fan or do you want to take a tour?, and what makes you want to be a member of the McKamey Manor tour group?

If you successfully join the Facebook group, you've completed step one of the vetting process. You must also speak with Russ personally before being accepted for a tour.

Where is Russ McKamey now?

Currently, Russ McKamey lives in Summerville, TN. He is still active on both his personal and McKamey Manor Facebook accounts.

He continues to post updates about "challenges," routing followers to the main closed Facebook group for McKamey Manor. There are several ongoing petitions, along with many disgruntled neighbors, calling for McKamey Manor to be shut down.

The Hulu documentary, Monster Inside: America's Most Extreme Haunted House, details all of this and more including visitors' personal experiences and real tour footage.

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