Awkward moment boyfriend is put to test with lap dance from stranger

Penny Burfitt
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Gemma and Nick put their relationship to the test for a shot at $1000. Photo: Kiss FM

Keeping your promises to your partner is a vital part of any trusting relationship, and for the most part, that means having eyes only for your significant other.

What if, however, your significant other put you to the test on national radio and measured your heartbeat in the process?

Well, on Tuesday morning one man found out exactly how that would play out because it happened to him.

Nick and Gemma may look like your stock standard Aussie pair, but they put it all on the line on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O this morning for a shot at $1000.

As part of a racy segment known as ‘partner pressure’, Nick’s heart rate was monitored by an electrocardiogram or ECG machine while first Gemma then a sexy stranger gave him a lap dance.

If he had a higher heart rate for Gemma, the couple kept the money, and if it went the other way, the stranger took home the cash.

The very uncomfortable segment started with Gemma giving Nick an adorable lap dance as they giggled together, but got very tense very quickly when the ‘stranger’, Capri walks in.

Capri stepped it up a notch or two, but Nick's heart rate didn't follow suit. Photo: Kiss FM

Things go from zero to 100 (or rather from 97 to 132 beats per minute), real quick when Capri ditched her clothes as soon as her time started, proceeding to gyrate and straddle Nick in nothing but lacy black lingerie.

A camera gave us a peek of Gemma’s stony face as she watched on, but she need not have worried as her loyal boy passed with flying colours.

Despite Capri’s best moves, he kept his eyes averted and his heart calm.

Good thing he did as well, as Gemma archly warned before the challenge, ‘you lose the money you lose me’.

As Jackie said, he’s a definite keeper.

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