Landslide in Iran's capital kills four

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A landslide triggered by heavy rain in Iran's capital has killed at least four people, Iranian state TV reports.

The report said heavy rain in the early hours of Thursday caused flash floods and then landslides in the northwestern part of Tehran, and caused damage to Imamzadeh Davood, a religious shrine in the city.

Rescue teams were deployed at the scene and nine people were injured in the incident, the report said, adding that others may be buried under the mud and search efforts were under way.

The landslide occurred in a valley in the foothills of Tehran's Alborz mountains. In 2015, a flash flood in the area killed at least 14 people.

Before the landslide, officials warned residents of Tehran's mountainous areas about heavy rains and possible floods. They also warned that heavier rains were expected later on Thursday.

On Saturday, flash floods in Iran's drought-stricken southern Fars province killed at least 21 people and hit more than 10 villages in the province.

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