Landlord's terrifying find while evicting tenant

A landlord evicting a tenant from a home in the US has discovered three extra guests hiding in the property.

One uninvited guest was found sitting in the home’s hot tub – a large alligator measuring almost two metres in length.

The tenant described the 68 kilogram reptile as “gentle as a puppy” after animal control workers were called to the property on Wednesday.

The workers also found two boa constrictors in the Missouri home.

A specialist was called in to remove the alligator, The Kansas City Star reported. No one was injured.

The landlord found the alligator in the hot tub. Source: AP

The tenant, Sean Casey, said he’d owned the alligator for four years and named it Catfish. He called the reptile “a big cuddly lizard.”

A spokesman for the city’s Neighbourhood and Housing Services Department says Kansas City doesn’t allow homeowners to have alligators.

Catfish will be temporarily housed at the Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary in nearby area, Greenwood. The snakes were taken to an animal shelter.

– Associated Press