'Is this guy renting a prison cell?': Landlord's list of extreme demands

A woman has shared a list of demanding rules from what appears to be the landlord from hell.

According to the list of rules, a tenant can only cook food between certain times and can also incur a $10 late fee if rent isn’t paid on time.

The strict terms and conditions were posted by Jessica Marteny, from the US state of North Carolina, to Facebook group Awful Roommates: Roommates from hell.

The first rule states a housemate must be quiet, clean and respectful – which seems like a fair request.

A list of landlord rules that state a renter must cook between certain times and not have any guests. Source: Facebook
The terms and conditions could only have been written by the roommate from hell. Source: Facebook/Jessica Marteny

But then the landlord goes on to say no guests are permitted on the property and and if getting a lift home, the housemate can only be dropped at the end of the driveway.

“No cooking of food during the hours of 9.30pm to 6am on weekdays and between the hours of 9.30pm to 9.30am on weekends,” another outrageous rule states.

The landlord ends the intolerant list by saying anybody who breaks a rule will be kicked out immediately.

Anybody who moves in must sign the terms.

Other renters were shocked by the demanding list and one questioned: “Is this guy renting out a prison cell?”

Jessica Marteny poses for a photo with her hand on her face and a Snapchat filter. Facebook. Source: Facebook/Jessica Marteny
Jessica Marteny posted to extreme list of demands to Facebook. Source: Facebook/Jessica Marteny

Another hit out at the landlord: “What if you have a partner? They can’t come over??? And no cooking before 9.30am on a weekend? What if you work on the weekend in the morning and wanna cook breakfast?”

“This person should not be a landlord,” one woman claimed.

Others warned the woman who posted the terms and conditions not to move in.

The list of demands comes after a woman hit out at a Gumtree listing advertising a home in Melbourne’s southeast that specified only vegan tenants would be considered.

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