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Landlord's infuriating move after raising rent by $260

A landlord’s attempt at a kind gesture has backfired spectacularly, leaving the tenant less than impressed.

The renter, who lives in the US state of Illinois, found a small bag of Halloween lollies taped to their front door.

But the sweet treats left a sour taste in their month due to their recent rent hike.

“Landlord raised my rent $260/month but left me a tiny bag of candy,” they wrote on Reddit.

A landlord left a bag of Halloween treats taped to the doorframe
The landlord left a bag of Halloween treats taped to the doorframe. Source: Reddit

Inside the bag is a ‘Happy Halloween’ card, three lollipops, a starburst and four chocolates.

The resident’s post was met with disbelief online.

“Now you know where your 260.00 went,” one person quipped.

“Your extra money is so sweet!” another said.

“Then the tape holding that candy up damages the paint and they charge you a damage deposit when you want to move lol,” a third wrote.

Steep rent rises hit Aussie tenants

While a raise of $260 a month was enough to stun other US renters, over in Australia some rentals are increasing by similar amounts per week.

Last month, a Sydney renter said she “felt like crying” after receiving an email informing her that her rent was about to rise by $220 a week.

Sarah, 27, said she "expected an increase" at some point but she wasn't ready for such a drastic jump on her "tiny" unit in Zetland, which will now cost her $1,700 a fortnight.

"We can barely afford the current rent as it is," she wrote on Facebook. "Sorry, I know I’m not the only one in this situation - it sucks."

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