Lady Gaga apologises for 'drawing conclusions' over 'Zombie Boy' death

Lady Gaga has apologised to the family of Rick ‘Zombie Boy’ Genest for a Twitter post suggesting he may have taken his own life.

The Quebec model, known for his head-to-toe tattoos and appearance in the Lady Gaga music video ‘Born this way’, fell to his death from a balcony on the third storey of a Montreal apartment block last week.

Following confirmation of his death, Grammy award winner Lady Gaga spoke on social media about the “suicide of friend Rick Genest, Zombie Boy”, also pleading with any mental health sufferers to seek help.

Genest’s family reportedly reached out to the musician to let her know that his death was yet to be confirmed as a suicide.

After deleting her first post, Lady Gaga took to Twitter again, apologising for speaking too soon.

“Out of respect for Rick’s family, Rick & his legacy I apologize if I spoke too soon as there was no witnesses or evidence to support any conclusion for the cause of his death,” read her latest message.

“I in no way meant to draw an unjust conclusion. My deepest condolences to his entire family and friends.”

Genest’s manager, Karim Leduc, reiterated the message, saying there had been too many inconsistencies to suggest the Canadian native had taken his own life.

“For us, the family and close entourage, we feel there’s too many inconsistencies around his death to rule it as a suicide, and for people to jump to conclusions that rapidly was disappointing,” Mr Leduc told PEOPLE.

“The balcony from which he fell on the third floor was a very dangerous balcony.”

Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, appears on the runway during a fashion show in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. Source: AP

He said just three weeks earlier he had sat on the balcony alongside Genest smoking a cigarette.

“It’s a balcony that has very small rails/guards — an emergency/fire escape balcony – and he was leaning his back towards it like sitting on the ledge of the rail, and he fell from his backside onto the floor.”

While Canadian authorities are treating his death as a suicide, his manager said the fact that he didn’t leave a note and that he’d made plans for the following week was enough to prove otherwise.

“He’s not someone who, we feel, would commit suicide; he’s not someone who would do something like that because he’s very thoughtful of others,” he added.

Others suggested Genest’s final Instagram post, an apparent self-penned poem, which speaks of being “in front of deaths old narrow gates” may have been a suicide note.