'Labour offers MPs peerages' and 'Jail Trump now'

The headline in the Sunday Times reads: Labour offers MPs peerages to step down
The headline in the Observer reads: Sunak suffers poll blow as cash-for-votes row erupts
The headline in the Sunday telegraph reads: Labour will betray pensioners again, says Chancellor
The headline in the Sunday Express reads: Labour's £1,000 tax raid on OAPs
The Sunday Express also reports Conservative comments on what the party projects to be Labour pension policy, quoting Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who says he "really fears for pensioners under a Labour government" [BBC]
The headline in the Mail on Sunday reads: Tories' SOS to Rishi: Give us tax cuts now
"Rattled Tories" are demanding Rishi Sunak announce tax cut policies "to save the party from oblivion", the Mail on Sunday reports in its lead story. It features comments from Jeremy Hunt, who told the paper that "two cuts to National Insurance had failed to swing public opinion" prior to the election being called [BBC]
The headline in the Sunday Mirror reads: Jail him now
The headline in the Daily Star reads: You're going home in a cardigan
The Daily Star Sunday's front page reports that a magazine photoshoot of Gareth Southgate wearing a cardigan has prompted a spike in sales of the "grandpa fashion" piece [BBC]
The headline in Sunday People reads: I taught Rishi Sunak but I'd never vote for him
The Sunday People leads with a story citing a former school teacher of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who the paper quotes describing him as a "self-serving opportunist" [BBC]
The headline in the Sun reads: Blind star for strictly
Strictly Come Dancing leads the Sun, with news that comedian Chris McCausland will join the show. Mr McCausland will become the show's first blind contestant, the paper reports, with showrunners "delighted" by the move [BBC]
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