Labour 'changing gender plans' and 'betting investigation widens'

Guardian headline: "Sunak urged to drop candidates as betting investigation widens"
The i headline: "Tories question  Sunak’s leadership  as he resists calls  to suspend betting  scandal suspects"
Times headline "Labour plan for changing gender with less evidence"
Daily Telegraph headline: "Labour  to rip up  school  trans ban"
On a similar topic, the Daily Telegraph is reporting that Labour plan to remove guidelines banning children from being taught there are more than two genders in school. The paper says shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson has said Conservative guidance put in place this year will be reviewed if Labour form the next government. [BBC]
Daily Mail headline: "Ten days left to stop ‘disaster’ of a Starmer supermajority"
Rishi Sunak will say voters have just 10 days to save the UK from "disaster" under a Labour "supermajority", the Daily Mail reports. The PM will urge dissatisfied Tory supporters not to give Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer "unchecked" power after the election on 4 July, the paper says. [BBC]
Mr Sunak's claims also lead the Daily Express, which reports he will accuse Sir Keir of wanting to undo Brexit. Noting the PM's comments come on the eighth anniversary of the "historic vote to leave", it says Mr Sunak will accuse Labour of wanting to rejoin the European Union by the "back door". [BBC]
Financial Times headline: 'Conservatives lose a third of their voters since January, survey finds'
Metro headline: "TURNING UP THE HEAT"
Daily Star headline: "Shirty Harry"
Harry Kane has given Gary Lineker "both barrels" over the presenter's criticism of the team's performance at the Euros so far, according to the Daily Star. The paper quotes the England captain as telling the team's critics: "Remember what it’s like to wear the shirt... we’ve won nothing for years and these ex-players were part of it." [BBC]

Controversy over allegations about senior Conservative politicians betting on the date of the general election continues to feature on many front pages.

The Guardian says Rishi Sunak is facing a "growing clamour" to come clean about what it describes as the gambling scandal "engulfing" Westminster, after a fifth person was drawn into the row.

Four Conservative candidates or officials - as well as a police officer assigned to the protection of the prime minister - are being looked into by the Gambling Commission over allegations they placed bets on the date of the election. The Guardian says senior Conservatives are among those urging Sunak to suspend the Tories under suspicion, pending the results of investigations.

An interview with Nigel Farage by ITV is highlighted by the Times after the Reform UK leader argued the West should hold peace talks with Russia to break the stalemate in Ukraine.

Farage is quoted as saying it would be "better" to negotiate with President Vladimir Putin, even if the talks lead to nothing. The Times suggests the remarks are "likely to bring more disapproval" after the widespread criticism directed at Farage last week for his claim that the West "provoked" Russia into invading Ukraine by expanding the European Union and Nat.

As the election campaign enters its penultimate week, the Daily Mail says Sunak is set to warn voters they have just ten days left to save Britain from what he calls the "disaster" of a Labour supermajority.

The paper's leader column agrees, arguing that a "wild imbalance" in the next parliament would "neutralise effective opposition" and damage both democracy and the public interest.

The Daily Express says Sunak is also warning that Labour would "unpick" Brexit and rejoin the EU if it wins power.

With the headline, "Frozen Out By Sunak For Telling Truth", the Daily Mirror claims to have obtained an insight into what it calls "the real Rishi" via an interview with the boss of Iceland.

Richard Walker tells the paper he was given a roasting by the then-chancellor in March 2022 for speaking out about the increased use of food banks, with Mr Sunak seemingly angry that the remarks prompted questions to him in parliament on the day of his spring statement. A Tory source says Mr Walker's account of the meeting is "completely made up".

Comments by shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson are featured by the Daily Telegraph - after she said the guidance on what pupils are taught about sex and gender would be reviewed by a Labour government.

The paper suggests this could lead to a scrapping of the ban on teaching children there are more than two genders. The Telegraph says the Conservatives have warned Labour would "play politics" with the lives of children by allowing contested gender ideology into classrooms.

The Sun says England captain Harry Kane has hit back at one of his predecessors, Gary Lineker, after the BBC presenter criticised England's performances at the Euros last week.

Kane told a news conference that the nation had won nothing for a "long, long time" and noted how many television pundits are former players were "part of that" failure.

The Daily Star says Kane's response is both "surprising and refreshing" - proving he has "fire in his belly" that can hopefully translate into performances on the pitch.

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