Labor offers 30,000 free internet plans

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Families without access to a home internet connection will be eligible for one year of free broadband under a new plan revealed by Labor.

Schools, state education departments and local community organisations will identify and nominate up to 30,000 eligible families for the plan, to be run through NBN Co.

Under the plan, a designated internet provider will be given a rebate to supply a broadband connection free of charge to eligible families for 12 months.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey found an estimated 55,000 Australian households with children under 15 years old did not have internet at home.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said lockdowns revealed the need for high-speed broadband to allow students to learn remotely.

"Some school children did not have access to any home internet, and this compounded an already very difficult school year," he said.

"This (plan) will help extend unconnected children the opportunity to benefit from the internet and not be disadvantaged."

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