Labor MP sounds alarm on TikTok time bomb

Daniel McCulloch
A federqal Labor MP fears the social media app Tik Tok could be a ticking time bomb

Australian teenagers are tripping over themselves to create and share short videos on TikTok.

But a federal politician fears the social media app could be a ticking time bomb, after an American girl was banned from the app for criticising China's treatment of Uighur Muslims.

Labor MP Tim Watts has sounded the alarm over TikTok's censorship.

Mr Watts has raised questions about what it means for Australia when digital platforms are developed and managed by "illiberal" societies.

In a speech to parliament on Monday, he urged the government to talk to the public about the potential pitfalls of the Chinese app.

"Questions remain about how the Australian government should respond when the opacity of foreign-owned internet platforms leave us wondering whether their practices are consistent with our values or laws," he said.

"The least we can ask for is that the Australian government ensure that it is in a position to inform Australian users of any problematic practices they may be subjected to on these platforms."