Lab grown meat could be in restaurants this year

24 January 2023 Yahoo News Breakdown

Video transcript

- The FDA has cleared a self-balancing exoskeleton that can be used in stroke rehabilitation. This exoskeleton, an outer frame that supports and simulates body movement is now giving patients some degree of independence. A 101-year-old Holocaust survivor was awarded Germany's Cross of Merit. Margot Friedlaender has been an active public speaker, recounting her experiences lived through the Second World War as a member of the Jewish community.

This chicken breast grown in a lab using real animal cells could appear in some US restaurants as soon as 2023. So far, just one country, Singapore, has approved lab-grown meat for retail sale. But the US is poised to follow. There was no shortage of impressive tricks at the first Open Freeski slopestyle event in Laax, Switzerland.

300 of the world's best snowboarders and freeskiiers descended on the Swiss Alps to kick off the competition. A British child who taught himself how to read at the age of two has become the UK's youngest member of Mensa. Teddy Hobbs gained entry to Mensa at the age of three after completing immense IQ test with a score of 139 out of 160.