Kyiv's LGBTQ+ community faces military checks, upholds support for army

KyivPride reports pressure on Pride Month event organizers by the TRC
KyivPride reports pressure on Pride Month event organizers by the TRC

Representatives of the Territorial Recruitment Center (TRC) visited the Closer art center in Kyiv's Podil district, where preparations for the Pride Month party Rave Pride were underway, the NGO KyivPride reported on Facebook on June 8.

The TRC officials checked the documents of all present and attempted to detain men lacking proof of passing the military medical commission.

Despite these interruptions, the event organizers confirmed that Rave Pride and the following day's charity festival will proceed as planned under the current tense conditions. "If you have the opportunity and desire, you can come to the event and support us," the organizers encouraged the public.

KyivPride expressed concerns about selective inspections by TRC officials, noting, "Among all the public cultural and educational events occurring in Kyiv today, only the LGBTQ+ event was chosen for inspection. We see these actions as targeted pressure on the Pride movement in Ukraine."

Both events at the Closer art center, scheduled for June 8 and 9, are intended to support Ukrainian defenders and raise funds for foundations aiding the military in several key sectors, including Bakhmut and Donetsk. "There are many LGBTQ+ individuals fighting in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and we fully support our army and the authorities in all necessary actions to achieve victory. Our position is unequivocal and should not be misinterpreted," stated KyivPride.

Despite the challenges, UkrainePride and KyivPride are moving forward with their planned activities, highlighting the international attention focused on Ukraine during this critical time.

The events were initially announced by the Closer art center via its Instagram page on June 5.

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