Kyiv suspends consulate services for draft-eligible Ukrainians abroad — report

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has instructed its diplomats abroad to suspend consular services for draft-eligible Ukrainian citizens, except for processing documents to return to Ukraine, Ukrainian newspaper ZN.UA reported on April 22.

The report cites a letter by Deputy Foreign Minister Andrii Sybiha, which outlines the restrictions that will come into force on April 23.

“…, with the aim of preventing citizens of Ukraine from avoiding their duty to settle their military registration status…, I instruct from April 23, 2024, to temporarily suspend consular actions on applications from male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 years," the letter reads.

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The document notes that the only consular services available will be those related to processing documents for returning to Ukraine. The ministry's decision will remain in effect "until additional clarifications regarding the application of provisions" of the recently passed law on mobilization reform.

On April 11, the Ukrainian parliament passed the government’s mobilization reform bill, with 283 votes in favor.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the bill into law on April 18, meaning that it will come into effect on May 18.

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