Kuwait ministers resign amid tensions

Amr Mostafa
·1-min read

Kuwait's government ministers have submitted their resignation to the Gulf country's prime minister, Sabah al-Khalid, amid tension with parliament, the official Kuna news agency reports.

Kuna said the move came "in light of the ongoing developments in the relations between the government and parliament, known as the National Assembly, and what the national interest dictates".

It added that the prime minister received his deputy and Defence Minister Hamad Jaber Al Sabah and other ministers of the government on Tuesday.

The defence minister submitted the resignation of all the ministers to the premier and "put it at his disposal".

Kuwait's all-male parliament was elected in December.

Kuwait was the first country in the Gulf region to establish an elected parliament in 1963.

While Kuwait holds broadly free parliamentary elections, power effectively remains in the hands of the ruling al-Sabah family and the emir, who appoints the government.