Kristen Wiig Is Tanned and Twangy in Swinging '60s Series “Palm Royale” – Watch the First Trailer!

'Palm Royale' premieres March 20 on Apple TV+

Maxine Simmons is learning there is a price to pay for membership at the swanky Palm Royale.

In the upcoming Apple+ TV series Palm Royale, Maxine (Kristen Wiig) attempts to make her way into high society in Palm Beach in 1969 and “cross that impermeable line between the haves and the have-nots,” according to the official plot synopsis.

The show will ask “the same question that still baffles us today: ‘How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to get what someone else has?'"

In the trailer for Palm Royale, Maxine will do just about anything to fit in among the club’s elite, including climbing over walls to gain entry, saying, “I had only been in Palm Beach two weeks but I already knew the Palm Royale, the most exclusive club in the world, was where I belonged.”

<p>Apple TV+</p> Kristen Wiig in "Palm Royale"

Apple TV+

Kristen Wiig in "Palm Royale"

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However, she quickly realizes being accepted will be anything but simple.

“Evelyn, you are the woman to know in Palm Beach,” Maxine tells Evelyn (Allison Janney) and she responds, “I don’t like you, Maxine.”

Dinah (Leslie Bibb) and Virginia (Amber Chardae Robinson) aren’t any easier to win over, with Virginia telling her, “I don't concern myself with the shenanigans of vapid poons.”

Robert (Ricky Martin), a server at the club, then asks her, “Do you know anything about rich people?”

Robert appears to have his own issues as well, as Norma (Carol Burnett) lays in bed and tells him, “Shake me another martini and then let's play doctor.”

Linda (Laura Dern) asks Maxine if she really wants to be part of their glamorous world, and Maxine replies, “More than anything I've ever wanted in my whole life.”

<p>Apple TV+</p> Carol Burnett in "Palm Royale"

Apple TV+

Carol Burnett in "Palm Royale"

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After Maxine becomes front-page news, she's still a fish out of water despite her efforts to befriend the ladies. “I see us all as one sisterhood,” she says which leaves the women laughing.

Evelyn pointedly tells Maxine, “Let me tell you something about Palm Royale. It's a nightmare and that's all thanks to you.”

“Palm Beach is just a shell game,” Linda adds later in the trailer. “Everybody has a secret.”

With Maxine still attempting to be accepted by the elite group, Robert tells her, “You don’t have to have money. The blackmail is right here.”

But Linda warns, “You’re in over your head and girl, you don't even know,” as a box with a tiny revolver and letter is shown.

<p>Apple TV+</p> Laura Dern in "Palm Royale"

Apple TV+

Laura Dern in "Palm Royale"

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“I am never in over my head,” Maxine responds. “It would be disrespectful to my hairdresser.”

But, she soon realizes not everyone is safe, saying, “In Palm Beach, a secret is like a loaded gun. You never know when it will go off or who it might hit,” as someone is seen falling overboard and she holds a revolver.

The trailer concludes with Maxine remerging to the shock of the ladies. She says, “I know, yes, surprised to see me considering you left me for dead.”

The comedy series from creator Abe Sylvia  — which was first announced in June 2022 —  is based on Juliet McDaniel's 2018 novel Mr. and Mrs. American Pie. It also stars Josh Lucas, Mindy Cohn, Julia Duffy and Kaia Gerber with special guest star Bruce Dern.

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Palm Royale premieres its first three episodes March 20 on Apple TV+ followed by new episodes every Wednesday through May 8.

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