Kristen Stewart says Guy Fieri won't officiate her wedding after all, but will be there 'in spirit'

Kristen Stewart says Guy Fieri won't officiate her wedding after all, but will be there 'in spirit'

The Mayor of Flavortown won't be spicing up Kristen Stewart's wedding after all.

The Twilight and Spencer star previously made headlines when she expressed her desire to have Guy Fieri officiate her marriage to her fiancée, Dylan Meyer — which Fieri agreed to do. But now Stewart has revealed on Watch What Happens Live that she's gotten cold feet on the idea.

Fieri's team "reached out and were like, 'You know, we are down for this.' And I was like, 'Me too, but also I'm bad at planning stuff, so I'll hit you up soon,'" Stewart told host Andy Cohen. "I think we'll probably just marry each other and then call Guy and say, 'You were here in spirit, babe.'"

Kristen Stewart and Guy Fieri
Kristen Stewart and Guy Fieri

Theo Wargo/Getty Images; Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images Kristen Stewart and Guy Fieri

Stewart, who got engaged to Meyer in 2021, explained that part of the reason she was so obsessed with having Fieri help celebrate the couple's big day came from them having "similar fashion sense and hair."

"Also I just think he seems like a really nice dude and he marries a lot of queer people. I think his sister is one of us," she said. "I think he officiates a lot of them. So I heard that and I was like, 'Guy?! My guy?! Are you kidding me?!"

As for when Stewart and Meyer will actually end up getting tying the knot? "I don't know," the actress said. "We're going to sort of surprise ourselves."

Stewart first revealed that she wanted Fieri, whom she described as a "sweet, sweet spiky-headed man," to officiate her and Meyers' nuptials while visiting the Howard Stern Show in 2021.

The Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host, who once officiated a mass wedding for 101 same-sex couples during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami, quickly rose to the occasion and agreed to do the honors in a pretaped message that was shown to Stewart during her appearance on the Today show.

"Hey, Kristen, Guy Fieri here, and I heard through the Flavortown grapevine that you are looking for a sweet spiky-haired officiant for your wedding," Fieri said in the clip. "I'm all in!"

Stewart was simultaneously shocked and overjoyed. "Oh my God," she remarked. "Is he joking?"

No jokes here. Fieri later confirmed that he was completely serious about the proposal, writing on social media, "Oh that offer is legit!"

Watch Stewart discuss her Fieri-less wedding in the video above.

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