Kremlin mouthpiece explodes over US asset seizure - Video

Solovyov claims that the US allegedly 'stole the Russian taxpayers' money'
Solovyov claims that the US allegedly 'stole the Russian taxpayers' money'

Vladimir Solovyov, a well-known Kremlin propagandist, has publicly vented his fury over the U.S. decision to confiscate frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine, a move that continues to exacerbate his distress following the seizure of his properties in Italy.

In a widely shared video from one of his broadcasts, Solovyov lashes out against the U.S., accusing it of stealing from Russian taxpayers.

"They steal our, excuse me, not just anything, but people's money. This is our taxpayers' money. This is everyone's money. The American b*stards stole the Russian taxpayers' money," Solovyov declared in the clip. He criticized the lack of response from the Russian government and questioned the presence of American and other Western embassies in Russia.

“They are thieves! Have we put them on the wanted list? No. And why? All those who voted for the seizure of our assets. Why are there no criminal cases against them? They are thieves. Not only that. Why does the American Embassy in Russia exist at all? What are our people doing there? Why is there a German embassy here? Get out of the country! These people have declared war on us. Do you want to fight? Take it,” Solovyov continued, his rhetoric reflecting intense nationalistic fervor and personal grievance.

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