Krasnohorivka breach: Ukrainian forces thwart Russian assault — UA military

Ukrainian BMP CV-90 near Chasiv Yar, Donetsk Oblast, March 5, 2024
Ukrainian BMP CV-90 near Chasiv Yar, Donetsk Oblast, March 5, 2024

Ukrainian troops have destroyed a portion of Russian assault groups that breached the Krasnohorivka refractory plant in Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian military spokesperson Nazar Voloshyn said on national television.

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"Those [Russians] who remain are in a difficult situation, as they are practically cut off from ammunition supplies and armored support," he said.

"Battles are ongoing there."

Isolated groups of Russian soldiers attempt to infiltrate the eastern outskirts of Krasnohorivka, often resorting to foot or motorcycle travel, Voloshyn said.

Eleven assaults, two counterattacks, and about 120 Russian drone launches occured over the past day, he said. Ukrainian forces are thwarting Russian attempts to enter Krasnohorivka, using artillery and mortars to repel enemy troops both within the city and on its outskirts.

Voloshyn earlier said that Russian troops breached into Krasnohorivka and entrenched themselves within a local factory compound, but have since been contained by Ukrainian forces.

On May 4, Russians claimed for the second time to have captured the factory in Krasnohorivka. At the time, Voloshyn said that the Russians are assaulting the town in small groups, but the Ukrainian forces are preventing them from entering the city, firing with artillery and mortars.

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