Korean man, 82, dies of heart attack from choking on 'live octopus'


A senior South Korean man died after eating an octopus that was chopped alive.

What happened: The man, 82, choked while eating the delicacy — known as san-nakji — in the city of Guangju on Monday, according to a local fire station. He then suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

About the dish: San-nakji, which literally translates to “live octopus,” is a Korean dish consisting of chopped but still wriggling long arm octopus tentacles topped with some sesame oil and seeds. Considered a stamina booster, it is reportedly popular not only among locals, but foreigners who dare to try it and share their experience online.

The big picture: Monday’s death follows a series of fatalities linked to the dish in recent years. The previous incident occurred in August 2019 and involved another senior — a 71-year-old man — who also choked as the squirming tentacles blocked his airway.

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