Did you know this was illegal in an Uber?

An Uber passenger has faced the full force of the law after they were slapped with a $200 fine for drinking a beer in an Uber.

The unlucky customer in Western Australia was spotted drinking in the vehicle by a traffic patrol officer over the weekend before trying to hide his beverage under his seat.

Yet the passenger’s concealment attempt was unsuccessful and he was handed a $200 fine for street drinking, The West Australian reported.

Drinking alcohol in public vehicles such as Ubers is prohibited across Australia. Source: Getty, file.

WA law states it is an offence to drink alcohol in public, which includes inside motor vehicles and public transport – including ride sharing services.

It is also illegal to drink in a taxi in NSW and Victoria and offenders can face fines of up to $1100.

The term ‘to drink’ includes having an open container inside public vehicles, which includes Uber vehicles and other taxi apps.

One Uber customer in WA found out the hard way and was slapped with a $200 fine. Source: Getty,file.

In South Australia, the offence could set you back up to $1250.

While in Queensland those found guilty of drinking alcohol in a public vehicle will have to dig deep and fork out up to $2523.

But the most costly fine for the offence comes in the Northern Territory, with passengers breaching the law facing a potential $4620 fine.

Uber states that users of their service must adhere to local laws or face their account being terminated.