Knife used in violent Qld home invasion


A Queensland woman has been robbed of her lifetime jewellery collection worth $100,000 and her son has been injured during a home invasion on Brisbane's bayside.

Two thieves entered the 60-year-old's Cleveland home late on Wednesday night.

They wore balaclavas and produced a knife when they were confronted by her 36-year-old son.

Detective Acting Inspector Paul Austin said the man suffered facial injuries when he put up a fight.

"They went on to force the elderly lady to open her safe and they took the jewellery from the safe," he said.

The collection was worth around $100,000, Det Austin added.

A forensic examination had been conducted on the house on Thursday while detectives spoke with the victim.

"Obviously for this lady to have that much jewellery in her safe, there may have been some knowledge, but there's nothing to indicate it to us at this time," Det Austin said.