Kmart's epic delivery failure shocks customer: 'Have to laugh or I'll cry'

A packing oversight has ended in a disappointing but unsurprising delivery blunder.

A Kmart delivery ended up being a spectacular failure for one NSW customer, who was shocked to receive a box full of broken products from the retailer last week.

Jessica Delandro, who is renovating her master bedroom, had ordered eight items from the budget retailer, including a lamp, vase, ceramic ornaments, book and quilt cover, but only the bedding arrived in one piece.

Kmart store; broken Kmart items
A Kmart customer was unpleasantly surprised to discover the products she'd ordered in pieces upon arrival. Source: J. Delandro

"I opened up the box and found everything except the quilt cover completely smashed to bits or ruined, even the book had been ripped to shreds by all the loose shrapnel in there," Ms Delandro told Yahoo News.

The disappointed shopper revealed a photo of the shattered items, which had been packed loosely in a cardboard box. "It wasn't surprising it was all broken since it was a box full of breakable items, with not a single piece of bubble wrap or padding anywhere," she said.

Kmart delivery fail
The fragile Kmart items Ms Delandro ordered weren't wrapped in any kind of protective padding. Source: J. Delandro

Ms Delandro confirmed Kmart has since issued her with a refund for all the broken items. "I can't fault their customer service, but it does seem like a waste," she quipped.

The long-time Kmart customer says while she'll continue to shop at the store, she'll no longer order delicate items online, and has managed to see the funny side of the incident. "Have to laugh or I'll cry," she shared on Facebook.

Kmart vase and square knot ornament
Among the items in Ms Delandro's $112 order were a $15 textured vase and an $8 square knot ornament, which arrived completely smashed. Source: Kmart

Kmart responds

According to a Kmart spokesperson, the order was not packed in accordance with the retailer's packaging guidelines. "We want everyone visiting us in-store or online to have an enjoyable shopping experience and we are disappointed to learn that on this occasion it did not occur," the spokesperson told Yahoo News.

"We wish to the thank the customer for bringing this to our attention so we can follow this up to ensure the correct packaging process is being followed."

Kmart further encourages any customer who experiences a problem with an online order to reach out to the their customer service team.

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