Pet owners panic as Kmart toy gets stuck in dog's mouth: 'Traumatic'

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A woman has issued a warning for dog owners after her one-year-old mastif narrowly avoided a serious injury when getting a Kmart toy stuck in his mouth.

Ebonee Connell had taken her one-year-old dog Blayz to the park, bringing the Pet Toy Rubber Tug Ball, which she purchased from Kmart, when she realised it was stuck in the canine's mouth,

"We were panicking, he’s never not dropped his ball [when playing fetch] so it was very scary," Ms Connell told Yahoo News Australia.

It took about 20 minutes to get the Kmart toy from Blayz's mouth.
It took about 20 minutes to get the toy from Blayz's mouth. Source: Facebook/ Ebonnee Connell

Ms Connell said Blayz lay down and began whining and swiping at his face shortly after they began playing, looking distressed.

"My partner James and I ran to his aid and began trying to figure out what had happened," she explained.

"We squeezed the toy to get the air out and tried to relieve some pressure on his jaw."

The pair tried to pull the toy free but found it was stuck.

Ms Connell purchased the rubber toy from Kmart.
Ms Connell purchased the toy from Kmart. Source: Facebook/ Ebonnee Connell

"We quickly realised his bottom teeth were pierced through the toy and he was unable to get them out of the toy due to the ‘handle’ being in the way".

Horrified dog owner calling for toy to be taken off shelves

After a 20-minute battle to remove the toy — resulting in bleeding gums, tongue and loose teeth — they were finally able to free him.

"I’ve never experienced such trauma with a dog in my life," the relieved dog owner said. "We were two minutes from taking him to the emergency vet which was around the corner".

Blayz was thankfully fine after the incident, although Ms Connell is calling for Kmart to remove the toy from the shelves.

Social media users were shocked the rubber toy could get stuck.

"Even the photos have set me off, hope you’re all ok," one user wrote.

"Poor fur baby," said another. "Thank you for telling this".

"Thank you for sharing. I have 2 staffs that chew through everything," another said. "I'll avoid this toy."

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Kmart Australia for comment.

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